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Mozilla Fennec Alpha 1 Released For Android And Nokia N900 “Maemo”

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Now you will almost have same experience for using Firefox but now in mobile devices with different operating systems ” Maemo, Android, Windows Phone”, Mozilla mobile also known as Mozilla Fennec has many things on common with Mozilla Firefox web browser. Now you will be able to use Add-Ons made for Mozilla Fennec and similar to Firefox Add-Ons, Fennec is the first mobile web browser supporting Add-Ons.

Weave Feature:

Allows you to easily synchronize your bookmark, History, passwords, preferences, even more between Firefox desktop web browser and mobile device.

Mozilla Add-Ons For Mobile:

it’s now available to use with quite good collections for many purpose and similar to Firefox Add-Ons. Check it Here.


Locate your current location to get better relevant informations from search engines and other websites, also you control sharing your website locations and shared websites using Fennec privacies, it’s totally up to you to share your location.

First Alpha release available now for Android ” 2.0 + ” devices, and Nokia N900 with Meamo platform, i am not sure if this version will be available for older versions of Meamo platform for other devices Nokia 810,800 internet tablet.

Mozilla Fennec Screenshots:

Download Alpha 1 For Android And Nokia N900

or website Link

Official mozilla Fennec video Preview

Extra Links for more informations:

  • Mozilla Mobile ” Fennec ” Here
  • Maemo 4 Test Farm Notes Here
  • Android platform supported Devices Here

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