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MagPI A Dedicated Magazine For Raspberry PI

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MagPI is a new dedicated magazine for Raspberry PI will be released monthly for free. This magazine aimed to provide a variety of tutorials, articles, how to setup your Raspberry PI and much more. It has been written by many volunteers with many levels in mind. Check more information about the first issue of MagPI down below.

MagPI issue 01 includes an introduction about “what’s Raspberry about”, hardware development with Raspberry PI by connecting some electronic components such as “servo motors, diode LEDs, and sensors”. Also includes some tutorials for how to create a virtual machines with some lightweight minimal Linux distributions such as RacyPy which uses Puppy Linux distribution. Last but not least, several Python tutorials with many tested examples, check the rest of included articles and tutorials by downloading it.

MagPI is really worth to download, because it provides a various of helpful materials for people who interested in learning more about the Raspberry PI.


Download MagPI Issue 01 MAY 2012. Download page includes download mirrors for the pdf file “11.2 MB”

MagPI Issue 01 2012 Preview

Contribute To MagPI Magazine

Also if you are interested to contribute for the next issue. Please, check the instructions for submitting an article from Here.

The MagPi: a Raspberry Pi community magazine.

MagPI Magazine.

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