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LIVES 1.6.1 Video Editor Has Been Released | Changelog | Download

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LIVES is a free and open-source non-linear video editor. It has a simple user interface with many powerful features. it support a various types of audio/video formats and capable of rendering to advanced video coding “AVC”. The latest development release LIVES 1.6.1 brings OpenGL playback plugins, graphical user interface fixes and some bug fixes.

What’s New In LIVES 1.6.1 | Changelog

  • Optimise playback by tweaking audio settings.
  • Fix regression in backup.
  • Fix floating point fps bug for mkv decoder. *
  • Fix external window capture to work with Compiz.
  • Add (experimental) openGL playback plugins. (Thanks to Antti Silvast).
  • Minor GUI fixes.
  • Implement recording of external audio during playback.
  • Prevent clip names getting squashed in sets. *
  • Further code cleanup.
  • Updated translations to Ukranian, Finnish and UK English.
  • Check LIVES video editor features page.

Download LIVES 1.6.1 source code

I have compiled LIVES 1.6.1 on Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot, because it’s not available to install through a PPA for the last development release yet.

Check installation instructions and how to compile the source code inside the Readme file.

For more download options including the stable release and binary packages for different Linux distribution, check the official Download Page.

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