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Linux/Unix Security Guides, Resources, Books, Manuals

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Securing your operating system kinda challenge this days always you want to keep your files and folders safe on your machine if you are connected to network or not. Also if you had installed a web server application on your operating system you have to know how to secure web server applications and databases connected to it such as My SQL. So here I am listing many free, opensource books, manuals, guides and websites resources for SElinux to help you how to secure your own Linux/Unix operating system.

1. Linux Security Guidelines

Brief Guide for securing servers, workstations with installed web server and web applications, also including instruction for securing firewall using IPtables, and tips for how to hide your system informations. Quick ViewPDF.

2. Linux Administrator’s Security Guide – seifried

Contain big list of security guides, applications for firewall, administrations, encryptions, backups, file and folders system. note: last update 2001 you might see obsolete sources in this guide. Here.

3. Secure Programming for Linux and Unix HOWTO

Security guide for writing secure applications ” web applications, network server, CGI scripts ” written with different programing languages such as C, C++, Java, Perl, PHP, Python, Tcl, and Ada95. Here.

4. Security Enhanced Linux for Fedora 13 SELinux

showing th benefits of runing security enhanced linux, different between SElinux modes, mounting file system, authorizations and permissions. Here.

5. Securing & Optimizing Linux: The Hacking Solution

Useful guide for Linux server designed for system administrations and web servers, including many tips for securing your linux system against attacking threats. PDF.

6. Gentoo SELinux Handbook

Quick start guide for using SELinux on Gentoo, How to make fresh installation for Gentoo SELinux, howtos for controlling common operations for SELinux, management instructions, converting Gentoo installation to SELinux and Boot SELinux Kernel. Here.

7. The SELinux Notebook, 2nd Edition

Explain purpose of using SELinux, implement SELinux on differnent GNU/Linux distributions, ” X-windows, SE-postgreSQL and Apache/SELinux capabilities, core SELinux management tools. Volume 1 PDF – Volume 2 PDF.

8. Securing Debian Manual

Describe Debian Security system, common ways for securing networks on Debian distributions, after installation guide and administration guide for securing users,  Here.

9. SELinux From Scratch

Article Describe how to convert a system that is initially completely unaware of SELinux into one that enforces SELinux. You also learn how to enforce a few simple access policies. Here.

10. A Practical Guide to Basic Linux Security in Production Enterprise Environments

Step by step guide for securing linux production system, discussing system requirement for linux system to pass various audits in an enterprise environment, Secruing mails, SSH, securing postfix, enforcing strong password, firewall protections, Secure network ports. Here.

More resources and Guides:

  • Automatic Security Updates Here
  • Iptables How To Here
  • Single Packet Authorization Here
  • Strong Passwords Here
  • Bastille Linux Here
  • Installing Security Tools Here
  • SSH Open SSH Advanced Here

Feel Free to add more as a comment, I will add it later.

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