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LinuxNOV News 105 ” Applications NEWS “

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Here on LinuxNOV news 105 for this week will keep focus on software releases, a lot released this week for for editing, torrent clients, development, and we won’t forget distributions releases for this week, many of those mini distributions for server to be used as a gateway and FireWalls, but will keep distributions releases for 106 News.

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105 News List:

  • Transmission 2.00
  • KTorrent – libKTorrent
  • Gnumeric 1.10.6
  • AbiWord v 2.8.6
  • MonoDevelop 2.4
  • FFmpeg 0.6

Transmission 2.00

a lot of new features GTK version, even other versions for different platform, it’s really lightweight torrent client.

The main new features for Transmission 2.00:

– New filter bar for the tracker ” public or private tracker “.

– compact view it won’t take less space, even working better on lower screen resolutions.

– supporting moving multiple torrent at the same time.

check the release notes – Download Transmission 2.00

KTorrent 4.0.1 – libKTorrent 1.0.1

really cool torrent client with many features for KDE Desktop, Fixed many bugs on this release for both, for downloading with high speed and low disk activity. it’s really recommended to upgrade from 4.0 to the last release.

Download KTorrent 4.0.1 – Download libKtorrent  1.0.1

Gnumeric 1.10.6

Simple spreadsheet application for Gnome projects, easily view or modify spreadsheet file, also you can import files for other applications like microsoft excel to view and modify. many reported bugs fixed with the new release. Check the release notes Here.

Download Gnumeric 1.10.6

AbiWord v 2.8.6

Really simple word processor with powerful features, fixed many bugs with the last stable release 2.8.6 check the release notes for more informations.

Download AbiWord 2.8.6

MonoDevelop 2.4

Advanced text editor, supporting multiple languages, working on many platform, a lot of new features comes with the new release 2.4 check the full features and release notes Here

Download MonoDevelop 2.4

FFmpeg 0.6

My favorite audio/video codec library, basically awesome features for converting, recording, streaming, even more check the documentations to know more about FFmpeg.

The good thing about the new release support HTML 5 and many new features, check the FFmpeg news, and Release Notes for FFmpeg 0.6

Download FFmpeg 0.6 from Here

That’s it for Now, will add 106 News for distributions soon.

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