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LinuxNov News 104 Distributions Release

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104 News for the last distributions release, many distribution released for gaming distribution comes with a lot of installed games on it, Desktop, servers, and mini distribution. let’s see a quick brief for 104 NEWS:

  1. Quirky 1.2
  2. Sabayon Linux 5.3
  3. Ultimate Edition 2.7
  4. PC-BSD 8.1 Beta 1
  5. VectorLinux 7.0 Alpha 1
  6. Kongoni GNU/Linux 1.12.3 Alpha 2
  7. Syllable Server 0.4
  8. linuX-gamers Live 0.9.6
  9. KANOTIX 2010
  10. Absolute Linux 13.1.1
  11. openmamba GNU/Linux 2.0 Pre 2
  12. Zorin OS 3

Quirky 1.2

one of the mini distribution available with JWM window manager, we already reviewed it, and you will find download link  in this post.

Sabayon Linux 5.3

Gentoo based distribution, refined blend of GNU/Linux, coming with bleeding edge edges is eventually here! Say hello to Sabayon Five-point-Threeh, available in both GNOME and KDE editions!
Dedicated to those who like cutting edge stability, out of the box experience, outstanding Desktop performance, clean and beauty. Sabayon 5.3 will catch you, anything that could have been compiled, has been compiled, anything cool that could have been implemented or updated, it’s there: you will find outstanding amount of new applications and features, like XBMC, KDE 4.4, GNOME 2.28, Linux Kernel 2.6.34, and so forth.

Release Notes and Download Sabayon Linux 5.3

Ultimate Edition 2.7

Ubuntu 10.04 based distribution Ultimate Edition was built off Ultimate Edition 2.6 (Ubuntu Lucid Lynx 10.04). Major difference being that is has been fully updated / upgraded and has the following environments.

Release announcement – Download Ultimate Edition 2.7

PC-BSD 8.1 Beta 1

Free bsd based, FreeBSD 8.1-PreRelease, KDE 4.4.4, Numerous fixes to the installation backend, Support for creating dedicated disk GPT partitioning, Improved ZFS support, Bugfixes to desktop tools / utilities

Release announcement – Download PC-BSD 8.1 Beta 1

VectorLinux 7.0 Alpha 1

This is all the latest and greatest from linux from the server on down. There is nothing fancy here just a console login and doing startx gives you a basic xfce4 desktop. There is firefox, opera,  and gftp to keep you connected and the other basics. There is no gslapt or slapt-get as no real repo yet for vl7.

Release announcement – Download VectorLinux 7.0 Alpha 1

Kongoni GNU/Linux 1.12.3 Alpha 2

Slackware based distribution, The main issue was the fact that you couldn’t install the system if there wasn’t any swap partition setup before, which it wasn’t really good and had to be fixed. Besides working on KSI, we also moved up with the kernel and now Kongoni runs on 2.6.34, named 2.6.34-desktop. Of course you will find the same things build in, like squashfs4 with lzma support, aufs2, btrfs, logfs, Nouveau and so on. We also remove BFS (Brain Fuck Scheduler) from the kernel, as I noticed that it doesn’t help the system too much, plus it can crash in certain cases the system. Update gnash to the latest version (0.8.7) and added full flash support for konqueror using gnash, added smooth-tasks (thanks to PCLinuxOS), renamed config_xorg package to xorgconfig and now the automatic option in will not use a configuration file letting X Server to setup the display.

Release announcement – Download Kongoni GNU/Linux 1.12.3 Alpha 2

linuX-gamers Live 0.9.6

Gaming distribution based on Arch, comes with two version 700 MB with limited games suitable for everyone, and another one 4.7 GB with full games.

Release announcement – Download linuX-gamers Live 0.9.6


Debian based distribution with KDE desktop and the main features and installed packages:

  • Kernel 2.6.32-ck2 (BFS powered)
  • KDE 3.5.10
  • OpenOffice 3.2.1 (from
  • Grub2 (1.97 beta 4)
  • Wicd
  • Pidgin 2.7.1
  • ntfs-3g 2010.5.22
  • Wine 1.2-rc2
  • Iceweasel 3.0.6 (xulrunner
  • Icedove
  • Kanos scripts for installing Nvidia or ATI graphics driver, as well as Flash-Player-Plugin.

check the release announcement – Download KANOTIX 2010

Absolute Linux 13.1.1

Really lightweight distribution based on slackware distribution with iceWM. Absolute is a x86 Linux distribution based upon Slackware. It concentrates on “desktop” use so that it is ready for internet, multimedia, document and general home use out of the box. Absolute is lightweight — meaning 2 things: that it can run on on older hardware and that the OS interface stays out of your way.

More Information – Download Absolute Linux 13.1.1

openmamba GNU/Linux 2.0 Pre 2

Yes, openmamba is also the name of a fully featured GNU/Linux distribution for desktop and servers, openmamba uses RPM as the package manager and apt for packages installation and upgrades from repositories. Synaptic tool is available for installations and upgrades from the graphical desktop, openmamba has its root in QiLinux repository and took the form of an autonomous distribution in early 2007 when QiLinux public updates availability stopped.

Release announcement – Download openmamba GNU/Linux 2.0 Pre 2

Zorin OS 3

Ubuntu based distribution, really good choice for Gamer, multimedia, and even regular use for desktop. Zorin OS is a multi-functional operating system designed specifically for Linux newcomers who want to have easy and smooth access to open source software. It is based on Ubuntu which is the most popular Linux operating system in the world.

Release Notes – Download Zorin OS 3

That’s it for now.

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