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LinuxNov NEWs 103

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Busy week with a lot of news for distribution release, specially about first Alpha release of ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat, and devices released working with Android operating system.

  1. Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat Alpha 1
  2. Ubuntu Linux business support
  3. Mandriva Linux 2010.1 RC2
  4. aLinux 14.0
  5. MoLinux 6.0 Beta 1
  6. SystemRescueCd 1.5.5
  7. Vinux 3.0
  8. Dreamlinux 4.0 Beta 5
  9. Pardus Linux 2009.2
  10. HTC EVO 4G from sprint

Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat Alpha 1

Ubuntu debian based distribution released with more updates for kernal update, using gnome 2.31, and some security enhancement updates. fixed a lot of reported bugs for ubuntu 10.04 LTS.

check this post for more information

Ubuntu Linux business support

Canonical offering new service for Ubuntu business support for different packages for desktop and servers Ubuntu distribution long term support with 10.04

More information

Mandriva Linux 2010.1 RC2

still development release many bugs fixed with it and many improvement, and released with Gnome, KDE desktops.

check the release notes and Download

aLinux 14.0

Comes with KDE desktop and RPM package management. check the release announcement and Download options

MoLinux 6.0 Beta 1

Spanish Ubuntu based distribution, This version includes numerous improvements in hardware support and new programs added with previous versions, such as Hamster Applet (time manager), KeePassX (Password Manager), Sinadura (Application for digital signatures pdf file), Prism (Allows web applications run from the desktop and configured regardless of browser), and many more. It also incorporates a new default icon theme (GNOME-Wise), as well as panels and windows (New Wave). It also incorporated newer and better supported in all the applications above.

Release announcement and download options

SystemRescueCd 1.5.5

Gentoo based distribution, comes a lot of installed package for system management and recovery tools such as Partimage, FSArchiver, PhotoRec ,…..

check this release announcement and Download options

Vinux 3.0

Ubuntu based distribution with gnome desktop, This version of Vinux provides three screen-readers, two full-screen magnifiers, dynamic font-size/colour-theme changing as well as support for USB Braille displays. Vinux is now available both as an installable live CD and as a .deb package which will automatically convert an existing installation of Ubuntu Lucid into an accessible Vinux system! In addition, we now have our own Vinux package repository (from which you can install our customised packages with apt-get/synaptic) and a dedicated Vinux IRC channel. In the very near future we will also be launching a Vinux Wiki and releasing special DVD, USB and Virtual Editions of Vinux 3.0!

release announcement and download options

Dreamlinux 4.0 Beta 5

One of the best distribution customized to looks like MAC OSx with Xfce window manager, and Debian based distribution.

check the Release announcement and download options

Pardus Linux 2009.2

Turkish distribution developed by Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey, comes with KDE desktop.

check the release announcement and Download options

HTC EVO 4G from sprint

Awesome device comes with Android operating system, 1 Ghz snapdragon processor, it’s the first 4G android device working on USA, 4.3 ” inch capacitive touch screen.

check this post for more information

That’s it for 103.

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