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LinuxNov NEWS 102 “Distributions”

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102 LinuxNov NEWS discussing Distributions release, software, Desktops, Mobile, Window Managers, and many distribution released based on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, debian based, Slackware. even more with more software released this week for Mobile, Desktop.

Beginning with distributions released for this week

Slackware Linux 13.1

released with different desktops. Slackware 13.1 is available in both 32-bit x86 and 64-bit x86_64 editions, and brings with it many major improvements, like KDE SC version 4.4.3, the Linux kernel, a new toolchain, updated libraries, and major applications such as Firefox and Thunderbird.

Fedora 13

Released with a lot of new features, available for 32, 64 bit and different desktops for Gnome, xfce spin, KDE spin, and LXDE spin.

Also made a quick review for fedora 13 Gnome version, you can find download options Here


Based on ubuntu 10.04 LTS distribution, integrated many softwares with it for social media, multimedia, editing, ftp clients, server cloud, using extension 4 filesystem for more security. also using KDE 4.4 desktop interface with plasma effects.

Release announcementDownload Options

openSUSE 11.3 Milestone 7

upgrades for gnome, KDE, XFce, LXDE, better supporting for Netbook, improving package dependencies, and new spider oak file sharing and backup tool. and many features. check for more

Release announcementDownload Options

SME Server 7.5

Built on Cent OS SME Server is a leading Open Source distribution for small and medium enterprises. It is a simple, powerful, secure Linux server for networking and communicating, used by thousands of individuals, companies and organizations all over the world. SME Server provides a friendly, free alternative to expensive proprietary software, standing apart from the competition by shipping with most common functionality preconfigured, and features a number of popular additional enhancements in the form of downloadable Contributions.

Release announcementDownload Options

MeeGo 1.0

open source project compiling between moblin and maemo os, to get a great performance for Netbooks, laptops , even mobiles phones, and now it’s available to download, This release provides developers with a stable core foundation for application development and a rich user experience for Netbooks. The MeeGo Netbook user experience is the first to appear, with the development of the MeeGo Handset user experience moving to the open in June.

Release announcementDownload options

Endian Firewall 2.4

Endian Firewall Community version 2.4 is now available! This release introduces new features and lots of bugfixes that make EFW 2.4 a significant improvement in the development of the Endian product family.

Endian Firewall Community is a “turn-key” linux security distribution that turns every system into a full featured security appliance with Unified Threat Management (UTM) functionality. The software has been de signed with “usability in mind” and is very easy to install, use and manage, without losing its flexibility. The features include a stateful packet inspection firewall, application-level proxies for various protocols (HTTP, FTP, POP3, SMTP) with antivirus support, virus and spamfiltering for email traffic (POP and SMTP), content filtering of Web traffic and a “hassle free” VPN solution (based on OpenVPN). The main advantage of Endian Firewall is that it is a pure “Open Source” solution that is sponsored by Endian

Release announcementDownload endian 2.4 Options


Lubuntu based distribution comes with a lot of web based applications, with LXDE desktop and openbox window manager, and many new features integrated with it. check more information about packages and main features for it on release announcement.

Release announcementDownload Options

Zenwalk Linux 6.4

big fan of zenwalk distro cause it based on Slackware with XFCE 4.62 window manager, other updated with many applications for multimedia gstreamer, and openoffice 3,2.0, and uisng Xorg 7.5 and more features check release announcement for more.

check the release announcement and Download Options For Zenwalk Linux 6.4

Qimo 4 Kids 2.0

Based on Xubuntu distribution, it’s a really good choice for kids, with a lot of suitable applications for children, we are going to make a quick review for it soon.

check the release announcement and Download Options for Qimo 2.0

sidux 2010-01 preview 1

Debain based distribution coming with two desktops for KDE and xfce. Now that KDE 4.4.3 and kernel 2.6.34 have entered the archive, we have the pleasure to announce the immediate availability of the first preview for sidux 2010-01 “Ύπνος”.

check the release announcement for more informationsDownload Options for Sidux 2010 – 01 preview 1

That’s for last released distribution so far, adding LinuxNov 102 News for Software hardware soon. 🙂

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