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Linux Mint Debian 201012 Screenshots Tour

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Linux Mint community brings Linux Mint 10 features and new enhancments to the new release Linux Mint Debian 201012 based on Debian 6 Squeeze along with many up todate packages. so in this post we will take a quick screenshots tour for LMDE 201012.

Mint-X-Metal theme Applied, with Linux Mint 10 Backgournds.

Linux Mint 10 Menus and it’s cusomizable through menu preferences to easily add new places or modify menus.

Control Desktop icons, reposition close, minimize, and maximize window layout. also showing icons in menus.

Nauilus File Manager

Background collections from older releases for Linux Mint 10, and Mint 9.

What Else?

Linux Mint Debian 201012 comes with many applications we usually see when on many distributions.

Multimedia applications ” Brasero, Gnome Mplayer, VLC,…”

Internet applications ” Mozilla Firefox, Thunderbird, Gwibber, Xchat, Pidgin,….”

Graphics applications ” GIMP, Openoffice draw, F-spot ”

Office Pack ” ”

Also same new features and applications added to Linux Mint 10 check these enhancements Here.

Download Linux Mint Debian 201012 Here.

[note]Soon we will take a closer look to LMDE 201012 and how this distribution perform comparing it to other distributions.[/note]

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