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Linux Mint 12 Will Come With Gnome 3 And MGSE

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Extraordinary changes will be included to the upcoming release Lisa the code name of Linux Mint 12. Clement Lefebvre Linux Mint project leader just revealed Linux Mint 12 preview features Gnome 3 along with Mint Gnome Shell ExtensionsMGSE” and many improvements.

Earlier versions of Linux Mint used to come with traditional Gnome 2 desktop. Now Gnome 3 is taking place in the upcoming releases of Linux Mint even Linux Mint Debian “LMDE” will include Gnome 3.2 and Mint Gnome Shell extensions “MGSE” but it’s on hold right now until Gnome 3.2 and X11 are ready on Debian for testing. Many Users feels comfortable using old traditional Gnome desktop. So, Linux Mint 12 will combine Gnome 3 along with Mint Gnome Shell Extensions both will look quite similar to the old school Gnome desktop.

The main reason for including Mint Gnome Shell Extensions to enhance the way you use Linux Mint 12 for the daily usage, which will help you to easily select/multitask between running applications from the bottom panel, easier way to run applications from application menu launcher and visible system tray icons. Also MGSE will include additional extensions such as a media player indicator.

Linux Mint 12 will not require additional drivers to run Gnome 3 or MGSE within Virtualbox, you can simply activate 3d acceleration and it will work fine.

Still there’s no a specific date for Linux Mint 12 release, probably will be released at the end November around the 20th. and according to Clem’s Linux Mint 12 preview, it’s almost ready to launch, however Linux Mint 12 still have few bugs will be fixed either prior the final release or the RC which will be released by the 11th of November.


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