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Linux Mint 12 Lisa Has Been Released | Release Notes | Download

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Finally Linux Mint 12 has been released with a code name “Lisa” and it’s available to download. Few weeks ago we have seen the earlier Release Candidate of Linux Mint 12 with Gnome 3 desktop, Mint Gnome Shell Extensions “MGSE” and new panels Mint-Z theme, backgrounds artwork.

Linux Mint 12 Lisa is based on Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot Comes with Linux Kernel 3.0 and Gnome 3.2. Linux Mint 12 provide a personal touch using the Mint Gnome Shell Extension “MGSE” features bottom panel and MGSE menu, applications menu, window list, task centric applications switcher using Alt+Tab, and visible system tray icons.

Final release of Linux Mint 12 fixed many issues mentioned earlier on the release notes of Linux Mint 12 Release candidate. Clement project leader shows some tips and tricks for easier usage of Gnome 3 and MGSE on Linux mint 12 and how to debug problems with Gnome Shell.

Upgrade To Linux Mint 12 Lisa

To upgrade from older versions of Linux Mint follow instructions mentioned on the upgrade tutorial Here.

If you already have the Linux Mint 12 release candidate you can simply check the update manager to apply level 1,2, and level 3.

Download Linux Mint 12 Lisa Final


For more Download mirrors, and MD5 sums information click Here.
Linux Mint 12 Lisa Release Notes.

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