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Linux Mint 11 Preview | Software, Desktop Changes

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After releasing few Linux distributions with Unity and Gnome 3 a lot of people start wondering which desktop coming to Linux Mint 11 and what are packages updates and package replacements for upcoming release for Linux Mint 11 with code name Katya.

Clement is Linux Mint project leader posted a Linux Mint 11 preview shows a quick sneak peek for upcoming software replacements, and default Desktop for Linux Mint 11.

Linux Mint 11 comes with Gnome 2.32 Desktop, traditional Linux Mint layout, Linux Mint Menu, and same desktop elements on earlier releases.

Compiz is installed by default along with fusion icon for easily switch between Compiz and Metacity.

Software Selections

  • LibreOffice replaces as the default office suite.
  • Banshee replaces Rhythmbox as the default music player.
  • gThumb replaces F-Spot as the default photo application.
  • Gwibber is no longer installed by default.
  • padevchooser, paman, paprefs, pavumeter and pavucontrol are no longer installed by default.

Linux Mint 11 will has many user interface improvements, bug fixes, software manager improvements, and it will offer by default flash square for 64 bit users and 32 bit users able to use currently available flash plugins with stable version 10.2 and Beta version 10.3. Also it will include mint search addon plugin for web browser firefox 4, Chromium and Opera.

Linux Mint 11 RC expected release date on the middle of this month “May”, and Linux Mint 11 final expected to release by the end of May.


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