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Linux Mint 10 Gnome RC Julia Released – What’s New

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Linux Mint 10 RC released with codename Julia based on Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat comes with Gnome desktop, updated with many new applications, many features added to linux mint 10 menu, new artwork appearance for background, Icons, and a brand new theme called Mint-X theme.

What’s New in Linux Mint 10 RC

A brief information about the new features added to Linux Mint 10 RC Julia Including a link down there for full new features and improvements.

1. Welcome Screen

Allows you to install extra applications and packages to have same advantage as a user using Linux Mint 10 DVD edition.

2. Linux Mint 10 Menu

Now support many new features like highlighting installed application lately, improved search for installed packages and applications. Custom search for searching locally on computer or searching on internet using google and wikipedia. GTK bookmark similar to nautilus bookmark as we usually see on nautilus file manager. The menu is customizable now with GTK theme to make similar or different from default active theme, and support customizing icon sizes.

3. Software Manager

Easier browsing with more organized categories, and the use of application icons.

4. Update Manager

Now you can have more control to update manager to specific which packages to install and other to ignore, also included with size of selected packages to update.

5. Upload Manager

Quite handy tool for developer and administrator to easily upload files.

6. Linux Mint 10 Appearance

New metallic theme ” Mint-X “, and great collection of backgrounds for Linux Mint 10 most of them looks really dark backgrounds looks really good, Mint-X Icons based on Elementary Icons.

Download Linux Mint 10 RC Julia

Linux Mint 10 RC 32 bit Here.

Linux Mint 10 RC 64 bit Here.


Release announcement Here.

New features in Linux Mint 10 Here.

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