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Launchy Great Applications Launching Tool For Cross Platform

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Great Launching tool for multi purposes has a lot of features for launching applications, Documents, Bookmarks, and folders, even more features and customized with a lot of skins, by default comes with 9 skins.

How To install Launchy ?

beginning with the installation process for Ubuntu, also you will find a installation source package for another distributions and platform.

Download Launchy .Deb package form sourceforge, or you can download the source tar.gz to compile it.

How To Run Launchy at the Startup for Ubuntu 10.04?

Go to preferences then Startup Applications

Add new startup program

Name : Launchy

Command : launchy %u

Distribution : it’s up to you, just to know what is this application about later.

Now you won’t need to start launchy every time you logged in to the system.

Main Options Window For Launchy

A lot of options there to customize user interface and showing the launchy window always on the top, system try, location on you display, Hot buttons to show launchy, by default Ctrl+Space, modify it to the way you like.

Suggestion List: to modify the delay time and number of suggestion applications list, and more, but it’s really recommended to check the box for underline matched text to easily identify the application you want.

System options: to change update time for the catalog, checking for updates at the startup, showing hidden files on launchy browser, and using portable mode for USB stick mode to save launchy configurations on it.

Also you you can customize the visual effects for launchy for fading in time, fade out time, and opaqueness or transparent.

Catalog: you can add extra directories and files to be accessed by Launchy.

check Launchy website for more plugins and Skins.

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