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Kexi 3.1 Free Visual Database Creator for Linux

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Kexi is a free and open source software for creating visual databases for applications on Linux Platform Also, it supports Microsoft Windows and MAC OS X as well. The development team has invest a lot of time on the recent release Kexi 3.1 which brought more than 200 bug fixes and a better support for Microsoft Windows operating system.

Kexi 3.1

Kexi is a quite good alternative to Microsoft Access, Filemaker and Oracle Forms. It allows you to visually design tables, queries,forms, database schemas, . It supports database engines such as SQLite, MySQL and PostgreSQL. Also, it comes with integrated migration tools for MySQL, PostgreSQL which allows you to reuse existing databases. Not to mention, Microsoft Access migration assistant that ensures database tables are preserved and editable between applications. Check the full list of features of Kexi and the changelog of the recent release Kexi 3.1.

Kexi is available for Linux, MAC OS X and Microsoft Windows. Check the Download page and the releases page for further information about the recent release Kexi 3.1 and the development release kexi 3.2 Alpha.

Download Kexi 3.1

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