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KDevelop 4.1 Released

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KDevelop is a free, opensource IDE ” integrated development environment ” works on cross platforms ” Linux, MAC OS x, windows, Solaris, and BSD “, based on KDevplatform, support many programing languages.

KDevelop 4

A major rewrite based on Qt4/KDE4 with a powerful language architecture. Under heavy development, recommended for C++ or PHP development with CMake or custom Makefiles as their build system. Recommended for Linux (all other OS might work, but are not tested yet).

Comparison Between KDevelop 4 and KDevelop 3

KDevelop 4.1 Features ” Changelog “

New Plugins included, and new features explains the growth of the KDevplatform codebase.

Git Integration

In addition to the SVN and CVS integration that was already shipped with KDevelop 4.0, KDevelop 4.1 finally supports Git natively.

Patch Exporting

Whenever you’re reviewing your changes, e.g. by comparing to a remote VCS server, you are now able to ask KDevelop to publish your changes using different methods like e-mail, pastebin or ReviewBoard. This can be considered the first social feature in KDevelop and we hope to see more of these in the future.

Even more check full release announcement and Features Here.

Download KDevelop 4.1 Here.

Fixed Bugs for KDevelop Here.

New Features for KDevelop 4 Here.

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