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KDE 4.7 Released | Release Announcement | What’s New

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KDE is an advanced free graphical desktop, user friendly commonly used in many distributions by default. KDE 4.7 has been released comes with new applications, new features, more stability and improved performance. Here we will check the KDE 4.7 release announcements.

KDE 4.7 Key Features | What’s New In KDE 4.7

Plasma Desktop and Plasma Netbook become more portable for easily usage for mobile devices and touch screens, also comes with many changes for Oxygen theme it now has new icons with polished look and consistency side by side in the panels. OpenGL ES is now has better support for hardware after cleaning up Kwin code and extensive updates. For informations follow this link.

KDE 4.7 Applications has been updated, many bugs fixed, and now working more natively. Dolphin the default file manager has a cleaner look and smoother for daily usage, it’s totally up to you add more plugins for your own better usage.

KDE Edu application Marble has many enhancements now it support voice navigation support for many languages, map wizard creator, and adding additional plugins.

Gwenview is the default image viewer comes with new features such as comparing two pictures side by side vertically and support switching between different slide show modes ” normal view or full screen modes “.

Digikam 2.0 photo management KDE application has many bug fixes and improvements after more than a year it comes with numerous enhancements and bug fixes 219 bugs. Now it has many improvements for supporting face detection, face recognition, pictures tagging, and reverse geotagging features.

Multimedia and semantics comes with many improvements helps the stability of the system, more reliable performance for many applications and gaming support for OpenGL and GPU accelerated video playback. Phonon media framework now support Zeitgeist, VLC-based now considered stable and preferred for back-end for multiplatform use.

“In addition to the many new features described in the release announcements, KDE contributors have closed over 12,000 bug reports (including over 2,000 unique bugs in the software released today) since the last major releases of KDE software. As a result, our software is more stable than ever before.”

Check the full release announcements Here.

Download KDE 4.7 Here. ” stay tuned for Installing/Upgrading to KDE 4.7 In Ubuntu and Kubuntu “.

Post Updated

Here’s upgrading to KDE 4.7 In Ubuntu and Kubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal instructions added at Here.

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