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Jolicloud Portable Desktop For Google Chrome | Jolicloud 1.2 Screenshot Preview

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Jolicould for google chrome web browser brings new applications to the cloud and support for HTML 5 for many new wep applications. Jolicloud web applications available to download divided to native applications which require jolicloud operating system to run it and web applications you can use on the OS and my Jolicloud. My Jolicloud available on the Google Chrome web store but just online usage for web apps with more 1000+ applications.

If you have been using Jolicloud operating system before and you tried to login to My Jolicloud through Google chrome it will take you to your cloud you already been using in your netbook, but web applications will work only, not native applications such as Transmission, Gimp, Skype, …. .

Customizable Wallpapers for your home screen, you can choose between few wallpapers available by default, add a URL for online Image or upload image form you local images ” less than 2 MB “.

Add more applications to your account by choosing from more than 1000 web and Native applications for many purposes such as develop, social media, educations, publishing, searching, cloud storage, multimedia and many more applications, also you can like “favorite” these application to share it with your friends on Jolicloud.

Jolicloud activities are a great way to keep up with your friends and your followers on Jolicloud. also you can check the stream for most recent updates for you friends and people you follow.

My Jolicloud here you can customize your profile, avatar, profile informations, recent attached devices to the jolicloud, and and your favorite applications.

Still there are many features to jolicloud you will figure it out by yourself such as  search on jolicloud, social media and many search engine as well. Uploading files using, dropbox, and zumodrive.

Jolicloud 1.2 Screenshot Preview

After releasing the new Jolicloud 1.1.1 which support 10+ years old computers and many supported graphics card driver according to release announcements for Jolicloud 1.1.1 Here. Tariq Krim tweeted a screenshot for the upcoming Jolicloud 1.2 @tariqkrim.

Which new graphical cards are supported for Jolicloud 1.1.1

  • Support for NVIDIA graphics cards 10+ years old including RIVA TNT/TNT2, Vanta, Aladdin and early Quadro and GeForce cards.
  • Enhanced support for NVIDIA graphics cards 5+ years old including early GeForce2/3/4, and Quadro2/4 generations.
  • Enhanced support for NVIDIA graphics cards 3+ years old including GeForce FX and Quadro FX.

Download Last stable release of Jolicloud

Download Jolicloud For Google Chrome on the Google Chrome web store

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