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Integrate Quicklists To Gnome Shell Application Launcher

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A Gnome Shell extension allows you to implement Unity Quicklists to the Gnome Shell application launcher. Generally all applications which support Unity Quicklists it will work on Gnome Shell as it used to be working in Unity user interface.


By selecting any application and add it to favorite “Gnome-Shell Launcher”. The drop down menu for any application on your favorite shows only two options ” New Window and Remove from Favorite “.


After installing the extension you will be able to see more options for each one of these applications, such as Chromium web browser will show some new options like opening a new incognito window, and new window. Transmission bittorrent client will show a couple of new options ” start Transmission minimized, and start Transmission with all torrent paused “, also the multimedia applications like Rhythmbox will show some options for controlling the application through the quicklist such as ” Pause, play, Next track and previous track”.

Quicklists are customizable, you can use MyUnity or Ubuntu Tweak to customize the quicklist for each of these applications. Soon, we will have another post about how to customize the quicklists for Unity user interface and it will work on Gnome shell as well.

Install Quicklists for Gnome Shell

Make sure you open it using Mozilla Firefox.

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