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Install Krusader Twin Panel File Manager On Fedora 14 And K/Ubuntu 10.10

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Krusader is a twin panel file manager built for KDE desktop and working on many desktops if you have the required package dependencies on your machine. If you have been using extra pane feature for Nautilus file manager it’s quite as same as Krusader’s file manager twin panel, even with many great features.

Krusader File Manger Features

  • Twin Panel.
  • Files and directories comparison/synchronizing.
  • Integrated terminal emulator.
  • Remote file system connection FTP/SAMBA with SFTP/SCP support via KIO Slaves.
  • Popular URL and file manager history.
  • Root mode and control mounted partitions.
  • Advance/quick search.
  • Mouse gestures – more informations Here.

Even more features Here.

Install Krusader on Fedora 14 Laughlin

Krusader already available on Fedora 14 repository, so open terminal and type.

yum install krusader

Install Krusader on Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick / Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal

apt-get install krusader

If you want to install older version or install development version on any other distributions follow this link Here.

Krusader Screenshots

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