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[How To]: Schedule Shutdown The System

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really simple applications for schedule shutdown your system, found two applications already located on ubuntu repositories both working great ” Gshutdown, Kshutdown ” On ubuntu 9.10 I got problems with using Gshutdown, but overall both of them doing same functions to shutdown, lock the screen, log out, restart, hibernate, and suspend.

I usually use Kshutdown working on KDE also Gnome if you have the required dependencies packages for KDE kit. Tested on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS and Kubuntu.

Also guys these applications working great on many desktop environment ” Gnome, KDE, LXDE, and FluxBox ” had a problem using Gshutdown on Fluxbox but Kshutdown working really good on all these desktops environment.

Download Options:

Many download options for different distributions ” Debian, Ubuntu 10.04 +, Kubuntu, Fedora …….. ”

1. Download Kshutdown Here

Or for Ubuntu 10.04 Open Terminal then type

sudo apt-get install kshutdown

2. Download Gshutdown Here

For Ubuntu 10.04 you can install it directly from ubuntu software center

Screenshots for Kshutdown, Gshutdown

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