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[How To]: Limit Download Speed For Apt Command Using Terminal

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APT stand for Advanced Packaging Tool, first designed as a front-end for dpkg to work with .deb packages for Debian operating system, also this package working on multi platform so you might see APT working on many different distributions even it’s not debian based.

So let’s get back to original purpose of this post. Sometimes when you are going to download and install big package such as Align Arena FBS game it’s about 250 MB or bigger packages and you don’t have a good internet connection. Also you might need to use your web browser to access youtube for watching videos, it will be really difficult to watch videos while downloading and you want youtube buffer in both time.

So this command become handy to limit download Speed for Installing packages using APT command on terminal.

Usually you use this command:

Sudo apt-get install "package name"

To Limit Download Speed For Example to 50 KB/s

open Terminal then Type:

sudo apt-get install "package name" -o Acquire::http::Dl-Limit=50 \-o Acquire::Queue-mode=access

Replace package name and quotes with the require package to download.

Limit the speed as you wish.

This is screenshot for downloading Gwibber speed limited to 10 KB/s

If you have a Good internet connection you won’t need this command at all. 🙂

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