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How to Install/Uninstall DEB Packages

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Hello Guys,

Easiest way to install software on Ubuntu is using DEB Packages, cause Ubuntu distribution based on Debian distribution, unlike Fedora, Redhat, and CentOS using RPM packages. ”  Will cover how to install/Uninstall RPM packages on Next Post”

so, will begin with

1. Installing DEB packages

Ubuntu make it really easy to install softwares on your distribution by using ” Ubuntu software center ” Or using ” Synaptic Package Manager ” , but sometimes you can’t find these packages you want listed on “software center or synaptic” but you already have a DEB packages and you want to install it using terminal.

For example I Downloaded application called ” Skype ”   ” DEB package name on Red color “

” Download location : Home/Your Username/Downloads “

Go to Terminal
[cc lang=”php][email protected]:~/Downloads$ dpkg –install skype-ubuntu-intrepid_2.1.0.81-1_amd64.deb
sudo dpkg-i "package name"
” make sure you write package name as you see it on directory list, or copy and paste it “

Something will show up that the process complete successfully
2. Uninstalling DEB Packages
Go to Terminal
[email protected]:~$ Sudo dpkg --remove "package name"
sudo dpkg-r "package name"
without quote ” “
password:     Type your password

Something will show up that the process complete successfully and the package has been removed.

That’s it for now, and will cover Installing/uninstalling RPM packages on next How To’s …?

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