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[How To]: Install FluxBox Themes “Styles”

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After using Linux Mint 9 with Fluxbox window anager for a while i decide to add more themes or also know as styles. so in this post will show how to easily install fluxbox themes on Linux Mint 9 or any other distribution using Fluxbox window manager.

Step 1:

you will need administration privileges to be able to add extra themes to style directory, there are two ways to do that

1. Open terminal then type

sudo thunar /usr/share/fluxbox/styles

This command will give you root privileges to Thunar file manager, type your password, it will take you directly to styles directory.

2. another way if you don’t prefer using command line: open thunar file manager then go to fluxbox directory and right click on styles folder select open folder as root. To be able to add or modify in this directory.

Step 2:

paste Theme folder. then go to fluxbox menu and check out the new theme on styles menu.

  • Check Top 10 Fluxbox themes Here. Note: Theme installed on the screenshot up there called Dark Black, you can download from that link.

That’s it for now.

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