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[How To]: Identify Currently Running Linux Distribution Using LSB Command #CLI

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lsb_release “Linux Standard Base” is a simple command line tool allows you to show more information such as “distribution code name, distribution ID, distribution release number, and distribution description” about currently used linux distribution.

Run Terminal, then type

lsb_release -a

This command will show all information at once. Also you can show these information separately using commands down bellow.

lsb_release -h show this help message and exit
lsb_release -v show LSB modules this system supports
lsb_release -i show distributor ID
lsb_release -d show description of this distribution
lsb_release -r show release number of this distribution
lsb_release -c show code name of this distribution
lsb_release -a show all of the above information
lsb_release -s show requested information in short format

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