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[How To]: Get Mac OS X Menu Look on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS

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A lot of people interesting to make Ubuntu 10.04 LTS menu to looks like Mac OS x menu, looks really good to integrate every menu bar for each window or applications running to main Panel bar for ubuntu.

Using Gnome2-Globalmenu package using it gnome also working on other desktops.

you can download and install the package from any one of those

  • Google code select 10.04 Lucid packages you can download using repositories or DEB package
  • Launchpad packages Also you will find 10.04 Lucid packages

Maybe you will need to logout to activate global menu package.

after the installation you can add applet to main panel and select Global menu applet. it will be active directly.

you can customize it from global menu applet preferences

Enjoy it.┬áThat’s it for now.

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