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[How To]: Easily Delete Thumbs.db Files From All Directories

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What’s Thumbs.db Files ?

Thumbs.db files is related to Microsoft Windows operating system, simply this file able to store thumbnails for many files such as pictures and movies to easily identify the movie without reading file name, this file become available with all Microsoft operating system starting with Windows XP. Thumbs.db automatically cash all supported formats thumbnails on this file. it help a lot improve the loading time of any directory contain images or videos, and safe CPU processing time.

Supported File Formats For Thumbs.db


Does Thumbs.db file do any good on any Linux Distribution ?

Basically No, also this files don’t do any harm to your operating system, but it’s annoying to see it on your directories when you using linux distribution :).

For More Informations about Thumbs.db HERE.

How To Delete Thumbs.db files from your directories?

There are two ways to do that using command line, or using Nautilus Script.

1. Delete Thumbs.db using Command Line

Open Terminal Then type

find /home/user -name Thumbs.db -exec rm {} \;

This command will search for all files named with Thumbs.db and will delete all of them. you can change the search directory and username it’s up too you.

2. Delete Thumbs.db using Nautilus Extension Kill Thumbs 1.0

Simply download the suitable package for your system “Ubuntu ,Arch “, also including source code for installing on other distribution, but it require nautilus.

Download Nautilus Extension Kill Thumbs 1.o Here.

That’s it for now.

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