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[How To]: Delete Obsolete Packages, useless packages Using Command Line

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After installing many applications, adding extra repositories you might need to remove useless packages and repositories, this will help you to save some space form system directory and keep your system performing better.

Sometimes when you update any applications to newer version you might leave extra unneeded packages and┬ádependencies files you won’t need any more.

Note: This instructions for Debian distributions based That required apt packages.

so there are two commands will use for this operation:

sudo apt-get clean 

This will clean all files located on these directories ” /var/cash/apt/archive/ ” , ” /var/cash/apt/archive/partial/ ” except locked files.

sudo apt-get autoclean 

This command doing same operation for the clean command but also deletes all .deb packages located on the directories mentioned up there and useless package that no longer be used.

that’s quite good way to keep your system clean, do it from time to time.

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