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[How To]: Create ISO file from CD-DVD using Terminal

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A quick How To For today create ISO file from CD or DVD using command line.

Usually I use this command to get an ISO image from Disk for operating system, for example I have Kubuntu 10.04 LTS on a Disk, and i want to use that image on my virtual machine, instead of keeping the CD inside my CD ROM all the time.

Also you can use it as a backup way to keep your files safe on ISO file. I am sure you will figure out many ways to use this command  for  🙂

The process

Insert the disk

then open terminal,,, type

 dd if=/dev/dvd of=~/Kubuntu.iso 

I am not sure what dd stand for ” destroy data “, ” delete ” according to wiki  🙂

if : input file

of : output file for the image will be copied to

dvd : it’s a variable according to what’s the device name located on ” dev ” directory

to get more information about dd unix command follow this link

That’s it for now, If you have any questions please inform me.


if=f/dev/cdrom of=~/cdrom_image.iso

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