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[How To]: Convert FLV Files To MP3 Using FFMPEG Command Line

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FFMPEG can do a lot streaming, converting, also an audio – video codec library. after installing any linux distributions usually I install FFmpeg Codec library.

Download FFMPEG Here.

There is a GUI application for FFmpeg converter WinFF but I prefer using command line for converting multimedia files. it’s quite easy to use command line, you will get used to it by time.

FLV file is a container that means it might contain audio, video, text, data. Kinda like Youtube videos. but MP3 file it’s only audio file format.

Open Terminal: then type

ffmpeg -i ~/Music/88.flv ~/Desktop/88.mp3

is the destination for original FLV file
is the output mp3 file destination change it as you wish.
That’s it for now.

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