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[How To]: Control Ubuntu from your phone using Bluepad

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it’s quite good to take control of your machine using your phone with bluepad application the idea of the application two packages 1st one installed on your distribution for example Ubuntu 10.04 and the 2nd one the phone and will list the supported phones for this application.

Using Bluepad on your phone will let you to do a lot of things to control you machine such as control multimedia files for playing audio and movies files, presentations files for open office, even games you use this application as game pad.

check this video show how Bluepad working

Here some screenshots

This is the supported devices for BluePad

  • Benq-Siemens EF81 – Tomas R
  • Motorola V360 – Claudio
  • Motorola Razr V3xourselves 😀
  • Motorola Razr V3xx – Michael Ellis
  • Nokia 5300 – Samuel Sieb
  • Nokia 6126 – Samuel Sieb
  • Nokia 6131 – Alejandro Lázaro
  • Nokia 6230 – David
  • Nokia 6230i – Lars Friedrichs
  • Nokia 6234 – Juan
  • Nokia 6280 – Patrício Fernandes
  • Nokia 6288ourselves 😀
  • Nokia 6300 – Phil (despo)
  • Samsung E390 – Nelson Vinagre
  • Sony Ericsson k610 – Ruben Silva
  • Sony Ericsson k750 – Anna Filipova
  • Sony Ericsson k510 – Anna Filipova
  • Nokia 6110 Navigatorourselves 😀
  • Nokia 6680ourselves 😀
  • Nokia E51 – Tito Garrido
  • Nokia E61 – Tomasz Dominikowski
  • Nokia N80Vitor Nogueira
  • Nokia N95 – Mike Cronenworth

For more information about Bluepad follow this link

Download Bluepad

Inform Bluepad community if you tested this application on other devices listed up there.

That’s it for now.

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