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[How To]: Compress PNG and JPG Files Using Trimage

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Trimage is a quite good tool allows you to easily compress PNG and JPG files with slightly effect on the image quality. It can be used with the graphical user interface to ease selecting the required files to compress, also you can use the command line, which I prefer to use instead of the GUI. Let’s check the download options and some examples of how to use the command line and the GUI for Trimage.

Trimage was inspired by imageoptim image compression tool for MAC OS X. So far, the supported files by Trimage are PNG and JPG only, hopefully on the upcoming releases it will support more files formats and better compression level and more capabilities.

[How To]: Install Trimage on Ubuntu

Currently Trimage is available on the local repository for Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Precise Pangolin, Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot and Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal. Just run the installation command using terminal or click on the installation button.

sudo apt-get install trimage

Or click on the button to install through Ubuntu software center.

Install Trimage

For earlier release of Ubuntu you can use the official repository for Trimage.

[How To]: Install Trimage on Arch Linux

Arch User Repository provides the last stable release of Trimage. So, for installing Trimage, just run this command.

yaourt -S trimage-git

Check more Download options on the official page and installation instructions using binary packages for other Linux distributions and how to install it from the source code.

Trimage graphical user interface is pretty easy to use, you can simply drag and drop the image files to Trimage window and it will start the compressing process, also you can click on “add and compress” button to select multiple files from a specific folder. After the compressing process you click on the “Recompress” button to start the compressing process again, if you are not satisfied with current result.

Trimage through the Command Line interface

trimage -f "final name" "file name"

To compress a single file or multiple files separated with space. Without quotes.

trimage -d "Directory"

To compress files within the selected directory. Without quotes.

for more Trimage options check

trimage --help


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