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[How To]: Add Multiple Files Using Touch Command Line

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Touch command is quite handy tool to add multiple empty files at the same time using command line “Terminal” with different file types “extensions”and file’s name.

[i.e] add multiple files to open them using open office word processor, web browser and default text editor you have.

touch one.odt two.rtf Three.docx four.doc Five.html 


You can add uppercase letters and signs “$#@&*” [/note]

Add multiple files with same name in sequence

touch nov{1,2,,3,4,5,6,7}.txt

Extra Features:

touch -a change access time for files
touch -m change modification time for files
touch -t change time and date instead of current time and date.
touch –help will show more options for Touch Command


  • GNU Touch command line Link
  • The Touch Command line Link
  • Touch Wikipedia Link

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