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GUI For GoogleCL Script 0.1

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Already reviewed GoogleCL on LinuxNOV on this post for how to use GoogleCL without using Graphical User Interface, but in this post will show simple script for GoogleCL also you can get access to blogger, contents, Docs, Picasa, and Youtube.

Download GoogleCL GUI 0.1

Follow This link To download and how to use GoogleCL GUI 0.1

Also check google code for more informations about GoogleCL Project

basically after installation you can add icon launcher with the script location

will show a quick example for using Google Docs on GoogleCL GUI 0.1

After you select the service you want it will ask you to specify the account you want to get access to then drag and drop the link showed up on your Terminal to your browser to grant access to this service on your google account.

Then will show up options for Google Docs to list your documents or edit it, upload new document, delete it, or download documents.

simply select option you want, for example will select upload documents and it will ask you to select document you want to upload.

then it will show you that, the file uploaded successfully.

Thanks to angenoir71

That’s it for now.

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