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Great Features about Opera 11

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Opera 11 web browser for desktop has been released. Opera 11 introduce a quite good new features which helps you to customize and control your web browser in many ways, This version quite similar to older version of Opera 10 versions, even better. It comes some unique features will make Opera 11 really fun to use.

1. Tab Stacking

Allows you to easily organize your currently opened tabs and group them as you wish by selecting tab then drag and drop it above another tab, also you can unstack them again.

2. Visual Mouse Gestures

This is a really good features make your web navigations quicker if you get used to it, including many features like opening tabs, forward, back, close tab, minimize tab, and reload. Simply hold right mouse click and try it.

3. Opera Extensions

Also known as add ons, i am sure many of are familiar with Google Chrome extensions or Mozilla Firefox add ons, so Opera 11 now has it’s own extensions for now opera extensions page includes about 200 extension so far. Opera Extensions Here.

4. Panels & Toolbars

Many improvements added to panels and toolbars to easily navigate Opera.

5. Opera 11 Full Features List

Opera 11 includes many new and improved features from older versions like “HTML5, CSS3” support, speed dial, Opera Unite, Mail panel, Security upgrades, Download options, Geolocations, even more check full features Here.

Download Opera 11 for multi-platforms

Available to many linux distributions with “deb, RPM, tar” packages Here.


Opera features Here.
Opera Extensions Here.

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