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Great 5 Features In Tomboy Note Application

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A lot of people familiar with Tomboy is one of the greatest note applications i have ever used, has a lot of great features help you in many ways.

Most distributions using Gnome Desktop will have Tomboy by default, but for who don’t have it you can download it from Here.

1. Export Tomboy Notes as HTML file

Great way to export note files to HTML file to work on any browser. Go to Tools button on required note window you want to export then select export as HTML and show specific place you want to save the file.

2. Highlight WikiWords

This is a great way to create a new notes directly from exact note already working. ex. you need to make a quick definitions for some words.

check highlight wikiwords box in Tomboy preferences. You have to write word In this way to be highlighted ” TomBoy ” without quotes but at least have to capital letters “upper-case” on same word¬†separated by lower-case letters.

3. Synchronizing Tomboy Notes

Tomboy support synchronize to Ubuntu one account you will just need to authorize it using your browser, using synchronize using your local folder, or using wdfs FUSE. I usually use local folder, or Ubuntu one in case i need this notes on another machine.

then using right click choose synchronize notes from drop down menu.

4. Hot Keys

saving some time using to open tomboy menu, create a new note, or searching on your note…..

5. Add-Ins “Plugins”

This is the awesome part about Tomboy, you will find a lot of Plugins for Tomboy with many features, such as able to drag and drop mails from your evolutions mail client, or bugzilla links, printing, …..

In Tomboy Gnome website project you can find a full list of supported plugins for Tomboy Here.

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