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GoogleCL Awesome Command Line Tool For Google Products

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Really good tool for taking control of google products using command line “terminal”, supporting many products of google like Blogger, calender, contacts, Docs, picasa, and Youtube.

check the dependencies and system requirement before installation from Here

Download GoogleCL with .Deb file for ubuntu/Debian or the source code for other distributions from Here

After the installation you will need to authorized access for each product you want to use for Google.

when you try to get access to calender for example link will showup to open on your browser to authorize GoogleCL

Please log in and/or grant access via your browser at hit enter.

after you open this link on your browser you will be able to add events on you calender. so will add event on calender with this name ” Test for GoogleCL on LinuxNOV ”

using this command line

[email protected]:/$ google calendar add "Test for GoogleCL on LinuxNOV"
open google calender to make sure that event added
you can use on other products as well blogger for adding posts on your blogs, uploading videos to Youtube, adding documents for Docs, and upload pictures for picasa, and more options available  check The wiki for GoogleCL
and Check the manual for how to use GoogleCL
That’s it for Now.

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