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Google Search Plugin For Terminator Terminal Emulator

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A quite handy plugin to Google search for any selected text on Terminator terminal emulator. Check how to install Terminator and how to installing additional plugins to Terminator.

Install Terminator

Ubuntu users

Run terminal, then type

sudo apt-get install terminator

or click on the installing button

Install Terminator for Ubuntu

Fedora users

Run terminal, then type

su -c 'yum install terminator'

To install Terminator on other Linux distribution check the installation instruction on Terminator official website Here.

Download Search plugin for Terminator

Install search plugin for Terminator

Copy “” to this path


In case you didn’t find the plugins directory, create it.

Then, check the “searchplugin” from the “Plugins” tab from the preference window.

Choffee Terminator.

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