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Gnome 3.0 Delayed To March 2011 – Gnome 3.0 Beta On September 2010

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A lot of people was looking forward to use Gnome 3.0 stable release this year on many distributions also known as Gnome shell ” technology part of Gnome 3.0 “, Gnome community announced that the Gnome 3.0 delayed till March 2011.


If you have been using Gnome shell before you will know how Ghome 3.0 apparently will be, certainly worth waiting to use. If you are interesting to use Gnome shell follow this Link for download and install instructions.

On September 2010 official Beta release for Gnome 3.0 will release. and stable version of Gnome 2.32 will be done.

More informations about Gnome 3.0 and Gnome Shell:

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