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[Gaming]: World Of Goo Is Available For Android Devices

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World Of Goo PC and Wii console game is now available for mobile and tablet devices running Android operating system. World Of Goo is a puzzle construction game offers different types of Goo balls species to build structures such as towers, and bridges.

World Of Goo for Android brings new construction puzzles and new species of Goo balls. The full game is available to purchase directly from the Android market or you can install the demo version to try it first. ” World Of Goo developers recommend to use the demo version first before purchase the full version to make sure it’s┬ácompatible with your device”. According to Android market it’s compatible with Android 2.2 Froyo and new versions as well.

World Of Goo Video Trailer

Try the World Of Goo Demo Version

For Android Devices:

Android MarketAPK file.

For Linux:

Purchase World Of Goo For Android Devices

Buy World Of Goo from Android Market. also Check World Of Goo official site for different operating systems.

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