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[Gaming]: Hedgewars 0.9.14 Developer Release Preview

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One of the most funniest turn based strategy game, kinda have addiction for this game, working on multi platforms Linux, MAC, and Microsoft windows.

Developer release including many weapons upgrades, awesome moving technics for hedgehog players.

Comparing Hedgewars Vs. worms world party. Hedgewars Rocks. Always upgradeable New features, weapons, maps with each release. Also you can play as a single player or multi player on official website servers.

Here are the youtube videos ” Part 1 – Part 2 ” for the 0.9.14 developer release. Thank you guys for all new features and upgrades, can’t wait for this game.

Download The Last stable release:

Ubuntu Direct repository Installations Here

DebianArchOpensuseGentooFreeBSD – ” Source Code direct link”

More Download Options Here

Official Site

Hedgewars’s Screenshots:

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