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Free Virus Scanning Tool ClamTK For Multi Linux Platforms

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Usually no need to check for malware, viruses, trojan horses on Linux operating system, that’s not means Linux System is fully safe from viruses, but this tool become really handy to use it in case you sharing your partitions on public network and you might got viruses from another machine, or you had installed Microsoft windows operating system in the same machine with linux distribution.

It will help you to scan all partitions including windows partitions without even opening windows operating system that might spread the virus all in your other directories depending on the virus type.

How To install ClamTK?

You will find a lot of download options included on Sorceforge for Ubuntu, Debian, mint, Fedora, CentOS, .. and included the source code. HERE

Official site for more informations Here

Basic scanning options for files and directories, also you can add daily schedule scan time for your home directory or your entire computer.

ClamTK preferences for more scan options specially for scaning hidden files starting with . dot and scan all files inside each directory. Also it has update option for new releases and viruses database.

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