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Fotoxx 11.08 Released | Photo Editor And Management Application

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Fotoxx 11.08 has been released comes with many bug fixes along with new features. Fotoxx is a free open source photo editor applications, you can use to enhance your camera captured photos and apply many effects to it.

Fotoxx Key Features

  •     Brightness/contrast/color adjustments (drag curves using the mouse).
  •     Sharpen, Blur, Noise reduction, Red-eye removal.
  •     Trim (crop), Resize, Rotate any angle, Flip horizontal/vertical.
  •     Fix brightness uniformity problems (vignetting and others).
  •     Composites: panorama, HDR, HDF, stack (hand-held camera OK).
  •     Suppress noise by combining and averaging multiple noisy photos.
  •     Pixel painting with variable brush size and transparency.
  •     Warp (stretch/distort) image to fix perspective or for special effects.
  •     Thumbnail browser and navigator, variable thumbnail size or list view.
  •     Select images from the browser and burn a CD or DVD.
  •     Batch functions: rename, resize/export, revise tags, import RAW files.
  •     View 100 most recent images/thumbnails, open selected image.
  •     More Features.

Fotoxx 11.08 Changelog

  • An Italian user guide has been added. Thank you, Doriano.
  • New function DRGB: change brightness and color balance using OD units.
  • Revise_RGB: added delta mode (show +/- changes from original image).
  • Show RGB: added EV and OD units, delta mode, and pixel labels on image.
  • Slide Show: two image transition types were added, “radar” and “jaws”.
  • Slide Show: preferred image transitions can now be selected and are remembered.
  • A single RAW file can now be opened like any other image file (only needs more time). Batch conversion remains an option to process many files automatically.
  • Delete Area was renamed to Unselect Area (reduce ambiguity).
  • If multiple dialogs are open, the F1 help topic is determined by the last dialog actually used.
  • Bugfix: invalidate a select-area if Undo/Redo changes the image size.
  • Bugfix: Create Blank Image was getting leftover EXIF data from a prior image.
  • Bugfix: buffer overflow crash in Russian locale, due to a long translation string. Several other vulnerable places were indentified and fixed.
  • Bug workaround: crash from GCC 4.5 optimization removing necessary code. Do-nothing code referencing the relevant variable was added to prevent this.
  • Annoyance fix: rapid repetition of prev/next buttons or arrow keys was sometimes causing a “function still active” popup message which had to be dismissed.
  • Current bug: On Ubuntu 11.04 Fotoxx refuses to print with small paper formats (A5, A6). Ubuntu 10.10 works OK. I cannot fix this.

Install Fotoxx In Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal, Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat and Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx

Download deb packages for different processor architectures.


Install Fotoxx In Fedora 15 Lovelock and Fedora 14 Laughlin

Download rpm packages for different processor architectures


Fotoxx for BSD Here.

also for more Download options follow this Link Here.


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