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Fotoxx 11.06.1 Photo Management Application | Video Tutorials

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Fotoxx is a free open source photo editing and management application. Fotoxx comes with plenty of features and tools will help you to easily modify your captured photos. support importing RAW imaging from the cameras.

Key Features For Edit and Utility Functions:

  • Brightness/contrast/color adjustments (drag curves using the mouse).
  • Sharpen, Blur, Noise reduction, Red-eye removal.
  • Trim (crop), Resize, Rotate any angle, Flip horizontal/vertical.
  • Fix brightness uniformity problems (vignetting and others).
  • Composites: panorama, HDR, HDF, stack (hand-held camera OK).
  • Suppress noise by combining and averaging multiple noisy photos.
  • Pixel painting with variable brush size and transparency.
  • Warp (stretch/distort) image to fix perspective or for special effects.
  • Thumbnail browser and navigator, variable thumbnail size or list view.
  • Select images from the browser and burn a CD or DVD.
  • Batch functions: rename, resize/export, revise tags, import RAW files.
  • View 100 most recent images/thumbnails, open selected image.
  • More Features.

Download Fotoxx 11.06.1

Ubuntu .deb package   i686x86_64. ” Ubuntu 11.04 Natty, Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick and Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid .. etc”.

Fedora .rpm package    i686x86_64. ” Fedora 14 Laughlin, Fedora 15 Lovelock ..etc “.

– In case you had a problem with running fotoxx in Fedor14 or Fedora 15 follow this instructions

The fotoxx .rpm packages install but do not run because is missing.
Perform the following steps to get fotoxx to run:
Install the package libtiff. This will install in /usr/lib32/ or /usr/lib64/
Open a terminal and use the following commands:

su                                       # get root privileges
cd /usr/lib64                        # use lib32 or lib64 depending on your architecture
ln      # create as a link to

Fotoxx Video Tutorials

For more Fotoxx video tutorials Here.


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