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Firefox OS Simulator 3.0 Has Been Released | Screenshots

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Mozilla Firefox is a Linux based operating system runs Gecko runtime engine. Mozilla Firefox brings a simple development environment for developers. So, they can easily use HTML5, JavaScript, and many other development APIs for creating new applications runs on Mozilla Firefox OS. And Now Mozilla Just released the new Firefox OS Simulator 3.0 which lets users to easily test and debug their applications directly using Mozilla Firefox browser.

Mozilla Firefox OS Simulator 3.0 on Ubuntu 13.04 Raring Ringtail Mozilla Firefox OS Simulator 3.0 home screen

Mozilla-Firefox-OS-Simulator-3.0 Running on Ubuntu 13.04

Screenshots of Mozilla Firefox OS Simulator Running on Ubuntu 13.04 Raring Ringtail.

What’s New in Mozilla Firefox OS Simulator 3.0

  • Push to Device
  • Rotation simulation
  • Basic geolocation API simulation
  • Manifest validation
  • Stability fixes for installation and updates to apps
  • Newer versions of the Firefox rendering engine and Gaia (the UI for Firefox OS)

Since then, apart from verifying and making the above functionality stable, other notable improvements are:

  • Keyboard shortcut to repackage/reinstall/restart the current app – drastically improving workflow speed, especially for packaged apps
  • Significantly reduced download/installation size of the Firefox OS Simulator
  • Faster start time (partly due to above with smaller size)
  • Much newer versions of Firefox OS and Gaia
  • General bug fixes, making it more functional and reliable
  • OS-standard ways in the menu to close the Simulator, with corresponding keyboard shortcuts (Alt + F4 on Windows, Cmd + Q on Mac, Ctrl + Q on Linux)

Check Firefox OS Simulator walk-through examples Here.

Download Mozilla Firefox OS Simulator 3.0

Mozilla Firefox OS Simulator runs as an Add-on from your Mozilla Firefox web browser. So, all you need just Download and install Mozilla Firefox OS Simulator as same as any other Firefox Add-on. Then go to “Tools” Menu then Select Firefox OS Simulator from “Web Developer” sub-menu.


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