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Firefox 4 Beta 1 Available for Android And Maemo

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We been talking lately about Firefox for mobile devices like Nokia N900 with Maemo operating system and Android devices Here, also we had a quick look for firefox for mobile on Ubuntu 10.10 you can install Firefox for mobile on Linux distributions, Windows, and MAC OSx.

Now you can have same experience you have with Firefox on your desktop in your mobile devices.

Firefox 4 Beta new features it’s quite same features mentioned in Here but many improvement for zooming features for Android devices “pinch to zoom”¬†multi-touch, or using volume rocker for Nokia N900, supporting HTML 5, Add-ons. Synchronization¬†options with other firefox browsers for history, bookmark, and open tabs. Sharing features for many social media to be able to share page content ” text, pictures, …”.

Download Firefox 4 Beta 1 for Mobile


Maemo *Nokia N900

Supported Devices Here.

Check Release Notes Here.

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