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FileZilla 3.8.0 Has Been Released | Changelog and Download

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FileZilla is a free and open-source FTP client, it supports FTP “over SSL/TLS” and SFTP protocols for transferring files. It works on Linux, MAC OS X and Microsoft Windows. Check the changelog for FileZilla 3.8.0 down below.


Recent changes since the last stable release

  • OS X: Implemented the reboot, shutdown and suspend queue completion actions.
  • Popup dialogs no longer automatically open if other dialogs are already open. This prevents FileZilla from becoming unresponsive on OS X.
  • Fix calculation of current transfer speed. In some situations the transfer speed tooltip over the activity indicators showed negative speeds.
  • Fix handling of focus item in local directory listings if connecting to a site with a default local directory.
  • MSW: Added suspend as new queue completion action.
  • Minor fixes to new updater.
  • Use Server Name Indication (SNI) With FTP over TLS and HTTP over TLS.
  • Full list of changes “Changelog”.

Download FileZilla for Linux distributions

Download the FileZilla 3.8.0 package.

For most Linux distributions such as “Fedora, Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Elementary OS, Debian, ..etc” you can simply extract the downloaded package and open the “/bin” directory and run the binary file “FileZilla” and it will work just fine. In case it didn’t work, you can compile FileZilla from the source, follow compiling instructions for FileZilla Here.

Also, check the Download page for more download options for other operating systems.

Check the full list of features of FileZilla Here.

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