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Fedora 28 Has Been Released | A new Modular Repository and A Better Power saving for Laptop Batteries

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Red Hat Linux distribution Fedora 28 final stable release is now available to download with its different flavours of desktop environments for the workstation release along with the server and Atomic release. As always Fedora project brings the latest open-source and free softwares with their latest releases. Let’s check what’s new in Fedora 28.

Fedora 28 KDE Screenshot

Fedora 28 comes with a Modular repository feature which allows you to install an additional version with a different life cycle of the currently installed or the available application on the default repository on the system without conflicting with the default version. Modularity features comes handy for various work cases especially if you would like to test application compatibility or performance with the currently installed prerequisites. As shown in the following video tutorial showing the parallel availability of multiple versions of the same application on the same system with the new module repository feature.

List All Currently available Modules

dnf module list

Enable a Module

dnf module install name:stream/profile-name"default"

Check the the following link for the documented instructions on How To use modular repository on Fedora 28.

Fedora 28 ships with Linux Kernel 4.16.3 which brings a significant power saving rates on different laptops. Many applications and packages have been updated to the latest stable releases such as Sugar 0.112, GHC 8.2, glibc 2.27, Ruby 2.5, Golang 1.10 and more check the full list of changes of Fedora 28.

Download Fedora 28 | Download Page

Download Fedora 28 with different Desktop Environment

Download pages for Fedora 28 includes download links for Workstation, server and the Atomic release. Fedora Spins includes different flavours of Fedora 28 including KDE, XFCE, Mate, LXDE, Cinnamon and SOAS desktop.

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