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Fedora 24 Dropping i686 Server Support! | Release Schedule

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With every release of Fedora Linux distribution, the development team brings the latest free and opensource software. So, let’s take a quick look at the main features and changes which has been accepted to be integrated in the upcoming release.

Before releasing any Linux distributions, the engineering steering committee firstly accept the upcoming changes and features to each release, to ensure the importance of these changes and the demanding features for the upcoming release of Fedora. So, here’re some of the currently accepted¬†changes and features in the upcoming release Fedora 24.

Many necessary programming languages will be update to its latest release such as Ruby will be updated Ruby 2.2 which is currently available for Fedora 22 and Fedora 23 to the new release Ruby 2.3. Also, Python programming language will be updated from Python 3.4 to Python 3.5. Many of these already built by developer for the upcoming release it’s available on the package manager for the development release Fedora 24.

Node.js 4.2 long term support release will be updated in Fedora 24, Node.js 4.2 brings several new features and stability to ensure building a reliable and scalable network applications Node.js changelog.

Network manager will be updated to version 1.2 which will bring several improvements to the command line interface for VPN “Virtual Private Network” connections and support to VPN secret.

Also, there’s something might effect some users. They considered dropping i686 Fedora server which will affect the users running i686 architecture and they won’t be able to install it through DVD or through server network installation.

Be noted the accepted changes are not concluded yet. So, you might expect different changes in a few days. Check the rest of the changes proposals for Fedora 24 Here.

Fedora 24 Release Schedule

Fedora 24 Alpha release will be available in 2016 March 1.

Fedora 24 Beta release will be available in 2016 April 12.

The Final release of Fedora 24 is expected to be release in 2016 May 17. Detailed Release schedule of Fedora 24.

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