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Fedora 19 Desktop Edition Screenshot Tour | Download

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Fedora 19 the final stable release with code name “Schrödinger’s Cat” has been released. This release comes with several improvements out of the box which comes helpful for many regular users and developers in many development fields. You will find down below an overview of the new features on Fedora 19 with different “Spins”. Also, different download methods are available as well.

As usual Fedora brings many of the latest free and open-source technologies to its releases. Fedora 19 brings many useful tools suitable for various types of users, whether you are a regular user or a web developer, 3D modelling developer, and many different software developers in various fields. Here’re an overview of the new features in Fedora 19.

3D Printing

3D printing for Fedora 19

This features allows users of 3D printer such as RepRap, to print 3D plastic objects using many applications which is available on the fedora 19 repository such as OpenSCAD, Slic3r, Skeinforge, Cura, Repsnapper, …etc.

Developer Assistant

It aims to setup a development environment for many types of programming languages which helps many types of developers whether they are beginners or experienced developers.

Assistants can be written either as YAML configuration files or as python module. Also, you can test by installing any package containing setup. For more details click Here.


Checkpoint and restore feature comes with Fedora 19 which become useful in case  fault tolerance and/or load balancing.

The CRIU (Checkpoint/Restore in User-space) projects offers a user-space implementation of process and process group checkpoint/restore. With the user-space tools crtools included in this release it is possible checkpoint processes and restore them at a later time again (e.g. after a crash) or migrate the checkpointed process or process group to another system. CRIU aims to be as transparent as possible so that no instrumentation or re-compilation of the process to be checkpointed is necessary.

Gnome 3.8

The default release of Fedora 19 comes with Gnome 3.8 desktop environment. Gnome 3.8 comes with many new improvements to applications drawer for launching applications, also, it features a new application grouping and frequent tab shows the mostly used applications for easier access.

Gnome 3.8 provide a new methods to control your privacy and sharing settings which allows to control who has access to your content.

Another Gnome core application called “Clocks” which provide many handy features such as alarm, stopwatch, timer, world clocks for different countries.

Here’s a Screenshot Tour of Fedora 19 “Gnome” Desktop

Running a live session through a USB flash disk created using a “Unetbootin”.


First screenshot after the system boot up, shows a window for choosing a to “Try Fedora” as live session or you can proceed with the installation process in your hard drive.


Fedora 19 comes with a great collection of default wallpapers and supplemental wallpapers.



Application Launcher “Drawer” comes with grouping features which eases the navigation through applications.


“Frequent” tab shows the mostly used applications and it will become more convenient to find your mostly used application instead of using “All” tab for opening application.

Clocks-Core-Application-for-Gnome-Fedora-19-Screenshot Clocks-Multi-Time-zone-Fedora-19-Screenshot

“Clocks” is a new core application allows you to set multiple alarm times, view different time zones, set a timer, set a stopwatch with multiple lap split option.


“Weather” is another core application see the weather updates for different regions around the world, and it will help you with some predictable weather for the next days.

Gnome-Search-for-Fedora-19 Gnome-Search-Settings-Fedora-19-Screenshot

“Search” settings allows you to specify directories and applications to search in. So, when you try to search for anything and you have seen unwanted search results you can deactivate these location through “Search” settings.

Notifications-banner-for-the-lock-screen-Fedora-19-screenshot Gnome-Notification-Settings-Fedora-19-Screenshot

“Notifications” it allows you change the notification options for a certain application whether it shows up in the desktop and in the lock screen. Also, there are an options for each application to show more details in the notification banner in the lock screen or on pop up banners.


Lock Screen features with centered digital clock along with date and it support notification banners in case you have notification for certain application. Also, to unlock the system you need to swipe up with your mouse cursor.


“Boxes” is Gnome application allows you to run local/remote virtual machines. Boxes uses one of the best system emulator “QEMU”.


“Nautilus” file manager, unfortunately Gnome recently removed some useful features such as “Extra pane”, “backspace” no longer work to take you back to the previous location. We have discussed that issue earlier with Ubuntu 13.04 Raring Ringtail release and how to solve it Here. in the upcoming post, we will talk in depth about Nautilus file manager alternative applications for Fedora 19.


“Shotwell” is an image viewer/editor developed by “Yorba”. It became the default image viewer and enhancer for fedora 19. Shotwell comes with many useful features for enhancing your images and photographs such as “red-eye”, “crop”, “straighten”, “enhancer”, “Adjuster” for picture saturation, exposure, tent, temperature, and shadows.


“Documents” is another great feature comes with Fedora 19 which allows you to access documents locally or from the cloud such as “Google Documents” and view it and edit locally in your system.


Mozilla Firefox web browser is the default web browser. Fedora 19 comes out of the box with Mozilla Firefox 21 however the official repository for Fedora 19 has been updated with latest stable release of Mozilla Firefox 22 So, no need to add additional repository, just run your update manager or simply update to Mozilla Firefox 22 using this command.

yum install firefox

What else in Fedora 19 ?

KDE Plasma Workspaces 4.10

Check what’s new in KDE Plasma Workspaces 4.10 in the release announcements.

MATE Desktop 1.6

Mate desktop is forked from Gnome 2. Mate is quite good Desktop environment for who is looking for simplicity and efficient system performance. Check the full list of improvements and screenshots in the release notes of MATE 1.6.

Also check more information for different Spins of Fedora 19 Here.

Download Fedora 19

Download page includes many methods for downloading Fedora 19 with desktop version or custom Spins of Fedora 19. You can download Fedora 19 using a direct link, or torrent.

Make sure you verify the ISO image after downloading using instruction in this link.

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